Společnost historického šermu - Flamberg | Žďár nad Sázavou


Historical fencing group Flamberg was founded in 1991 and it has been residing in Žďár nad Sázavou ever since.

Since the very beginning, it has been our major priority to entertain and educate the spectators about swordsmanship as well as military history in general. Thus, we are trying to depict the old ages using the work of old fencing masters and military theoreticians as well as nowadays historians.

Our Scope of Interest

Our fencers will let you smell the atmosphere of early baroque – the age of the Thirty years' war, time of the Italian rapier and sword fencing school. Moreover, you are invited to meet the elegance of the French fencing school on the court of Luis XIV – the Sun King. All emphasised by the roar of our guns and artillery or an orient dance.

Where to see us?

For many years we've been taking part in shows on many castles, châteaus and town festivals, we have also got some experience regarding performing for the children, on private or company events or even in stunt roles in films. Thanks to the cooperation with artistic agencies we're also able to help with organizing big events. It all depends on you.

We're looking forward to meeting you in the old times, be it on an event organised by you or on any other you decide to visit as a spectator.